Hundreds Rally at DOL, tell Cuomo: No More Wage Theft!

On the morning that Gov. Cuomo’s book tour comes to NYC, over 200 workers and advocates rallied to demand that Cuomo stop supporting illegal sweatshop businesses and start enforcing the labor law. “I went to the Department of Labor in 2008 and I am STILL waiting!” said Marco Lino, who wo[Read more]

Workers, Advocates, Supporters to Cuomo: Stop the Cover Up–Be Accountable to Working People in NYS, Not Corporate Interests

On Wednesday, August 20th, hundreds rallied in front of the NYS DOL on Varick St. to demand Gov. Cuomo enforce and strengthen the labor law. Last month, after two months of protests, Gov. Cuomo finally broke his silence on the wage board and announced it would be convened. At the rally, workers dema[Read more]

NYS Department of Labor’s Widespread Failure to Serve Wage Theft Victims

The Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase, recently obtained documents from the New York State Department of Labor that show: Backlog:  As of July 2013, the Department of Labor has more than14,000 open cases for unpaid wages.  The Department of Labor routinely does not even start its [Read more]

Workers Speak Out

"The minimum wage is not enough, I only make enough to pay for transportation and babysitting"                      - Nancy Reyes

"When I asked my manager why I still have not gotten the increase to $8/hr, she said it is the government's problem, not theirs."                                - Edgar Juarez

Why Demand an 


“We were disappointed that the minimum wage increase in New York State was so low that it would still not provide bring full-time workers out of poverty."      -Noreen Connell, former Presdident, NOW-NYS

New Yorkers are facing a crisis. How can we pay for these high rents, buy food, and raise a family on $9 an hour?


We urge Gov. Cuomo to right the wrongs in his new minimum-wage law by acting now to raise the minimum-wage to at least $10/hr, and stop discriminating against tipped workers and older workers. 

STOP ignoring the epidemic of wage theft--enforce and strengthen the labor law now!